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Do you enjoy crafting or baking? BabyNoMore is currently seeking like-minded people out there in cyberspace interested in sharing their kid friendly creations with our growing readership. You get to keep full rights to your projects and photos and we graciously supply a link to your website or e-mail in exchange for adding your submission to our site! Kids, have a photo of something you've made? Ask your parents to send in a picture of it and it just may get featured in our upcoming visitor gallery!
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Wednesday, July 9th

Worm Ice!

Gummy Worms (the kind not rolled in sugar work best!)
Ice Cube Tray
Some Freezer Space

Directions: Insert one or two gummy worms into each cube cavity of the ice cube tray. Carefully add water to each cavity until full. Place into the freezer and let freeze for a few hours or overnight. They work great in glasses of fruit juice or lemonade!
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Wednesday, May 7th

Magic Birthday Rock Party Favors

For Little D's 6th birthday, we decided to put together little birthday favors for all the kids in his class. To make them a little more unique, we created a poem to go with a little green rock that was included in each bag.

Small Clear Cellophane Bag
A small rock (ours were green)
Magic Birthday Rock Poem
Various age-appropriate trinkets
Polka Dot Cardstock
Word Bubble Stickers

Directions: Add trinkets and/or candy to the cellophane bags. Cut rectangles the width of the bags and the length of your choice. This will be the hang tag of sorts for your bag. Fold the top of the bag over. Staple the cardstock to the top of the bag, making sure to fold it in half before stapling.

Magic Birthday Rock

It's Dylan's birthday
So what does that mean?
Everyone gets a special magic rock
That's shiny and green!

In the summer month's ahead
When finding new things to do is a chore
Rub it for creativity
And let your imagination soar!
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Saturday, March 22nd

Chick Cookies

Just in time for Easter, these simple Chick Cookies are super easy to make using very few supplies.

You'll need:
either a basic sugar cookie recipe, or for the instant gratification crowd (like us!), use the pre-made, pre-rolled sugar cookie dough sheets from Pillsbury.
a chick shaped cookie cutter
candy eyes (or use icing for the same effect)
icing for the body
yellow food coloring
for the orange beaks, we actually used some carrot shaped sprinkles we had left over from a Looney Tunes cake decorating set. Be creative. What was once a carrot for us, turned into a bird beak!

Cut chick shapes from rolled sugar cookie dough. Bake according to recipe or package directions. Once cooled, have fun and decorate!
This project is great for little ones, especially if you use the already rolled dough sheets. Little mess, yet loads of fun!
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